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The mark of a real custom home is working with an Expert Draftsman to create a customized plan for your house before it’s been built. Your input goes into designing the layout, the size of all the rooms, literally everything that goes into the home all the way down to the flooring, fixtures, and finishings. Custom designing and building your home will allow you and your family to finally live in the exact home you’ve always dreamed of.

At KENMARK Construction we not only provide custom home designing services, but offer our 50 years of experience in customized construction to help guide you though the entire process. Most pople know that a trend refers to the general direction in which something is changing or developing. And like most things, custom home design has trends that are also everchanging. At KENMARK we see custom home trends in 2019 moving towards a more natural and simplistic feel that includes lots of warm colors, Terazzo walls, natural wood finishes, plants, and an open yet minimal lifestyle.

The right color can bring life and character to any home. Working with the other elements, we like to use color to create the atmosphere and feel you want for each living space.

Terrazzo, which was a huge flooring trend in the 1980’s, has made a comeback in 2019. Chips of marble and granite mixed with cement are now printed on lamps, stationary, and even on walls. This is an original way to display raw textures.

Moving away from cold tones, 2019 is the year of earthy and neutral colors. Burnt oranges, warm beiges, and different shades of blues and greens are being used to create relaxing atmospheres. Bolder colors are now popular in bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. We see neutral colors as an easy way to add personality to your rooms while keeping the natural feel intact for those not comfortable with bolder colors. And black is the new white. Incorporated through furniture, interior décor, and walls, black is being used to add contrast and size throughout modern designs.

Your home is a place to relax and unwind after busy days, but it’s sometimes hard to relax when the décor is even busier than you are 🙂 . Natural finishes, plants, and minimalistic lifestyle settings are the 2019 way to bring your home back to that natural relaxing feel inside.

Wood instantly brings warmth to any interior, whether it be a piece of furniture, a custom floor design, or even a wall with wood finishing. The white kitchen design that has been popular for years, is now giving way to more natural wood finishes. And in it’s natural form and in panels, light wood guarantees spaciousness, natural-ness, and brings that perfect sense of lightness to all the small environments thoughout your home. All our custom home materials at KENMARK embody the theme of naturalness +added maintenance ease.

When it comes to natural, there’s fewer home décor options more natural than plants. Different plants in terracotta pots can easily be used as decorations throughout your home establishing natural and relaxing atmosphere.

As opposed to overloading your home with lots of furniture and decorative objects, the 2019 custom home trend suggests the careful selection of every piece used in each space. Because they save space and give priority to timeless, sustainable materials are becoming evermore popular.

Modern, custom construction is featuring wide open spaces with an ambiance of airiness. The move is continually away from rooms, replacing them with open floor plans and different “zones”. By using zones, homes are becoming smaller but also more spacious. Today different zones are being perfectly separated by using custom design elements including flooring, lighting, and interior decorations.

As you can see the trends are constantly changing and 2019 is no exception, so we hope this article has given you somethings to think about. Custom designed homes are continually moving towards providing a more simplistic, spacious lifestyle that includes natural finishes and interior décor. And while custom home design and construction certainly costs more than buying a stock off-the-shelf home that you have no input in, discerning buyers know that it’s worth it.

At KENMARK, our multi-skilled team’s goal is always to give you the custom designed home you’ve always dreamed of, while being as cost-effective as humanly possible. With over 30 years’ of custom home design and construction experience, the KENMARK Construction Custom Home Building Team in Naples, Florida is dedicated to making your personal vision a reality.

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